"I grew up at StartupLab."

"I usually say that I grew up at StartupLab. It started with a part-time job, which led to founding my first company, UX Lab, before I started working full time on the StartupLab team again. No Isolation also happened at StartupLab, that´s where I met my cofounders Marius and Matias.  

My entire network comes from StartupLab and I'm forever grateful that I've been part of the amazing journey the incubator has had these past 5 years.  


Karen Dolva Founder & CEO, No Isolation




 Our strongest asset is undoubtedly our community, consisting of alumnis, serial entrepereneurs & investors, industry experts and corporate partners all eager to pay it forward to our members. Without them we would be 10 people sitting idle in the basement of Oslo Science Park.

Our environment should allow you to focus exclusively on building and selling your product. Founder-friendly capital, introductions to potential customers as well as advice should help you do this faster. 

Our doors are always open to aspiring tech entrepreneurs that want to challenge the status quo. 

Oh, and we also have a new accelerator program this fall, we are accepting applications until September 2nd.  

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